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Genius Hour Proposal for 2014-15 (A very rough draft)

Title: A Different Perspective

Think up a descriptive title. Try to be creative if it fits.

Member(s): jocelyn

Challenge: Get to know the residents, record the information through writing/videos. 

Learning: Learn about how much time has changed, how it feels to have lived through important decades. That you can learn a lot from people who are older than you. 

Materials: Computer, Camera, Party Supplies (possibly) 

Main Steps: 1.) Go to nursing home, give our information, tell them what days we will be coming in. 2.) Try and go every week get to know residents, build friendships with them. 3.) write about residents, ask them about when they were teenagers. Roles: Jocelyn and I will both be doing and even amount of writing, plan an event together at the nursing home. We will be posting to our blogs (stories they share). 

Time: 3 months

Resources: Timbers? Villa Fran? Jocelyns mom

Difficulties: What parts of this project might be difficult? How do you expect to handle them?

Sharing/Audience: Powerpoint, speech, video(maybe) using iMovie. Targeted towards teens 

Evaluation: We will define success based off of what we gained from the project. What values we learned, or the friendships that were built. We will share our experience through stories about the people we met. 

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Is Money Ruining Music Festivals?



What is a music festival? Music festivals started out as small artistic events, to sample different genres and up-coming artists. In this case, the smaller the better; the irony for small artists is getting their foot in the door. Most people immediately think of the three big festivals of North America; Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Lollapalooza. In recent discussion of music festivals many argue that every year festivals are spending too much money. They are focusing on “wowing” the crowds, but at the same time they are focusing too much on one genre. When in reality the audience is only capable to see about 20 bands out of 100.

I do agree with the statement that vendors are spending too much money on festivals, in the case of music festivals; less IS more. Being an experienced festivalgoer I know that it is stressful choosing between your favorite artists, because it’s physically impossible to see every artist at a festival. This year, Lollapalooza 2014 had whopping 139 artists, which seems Ludacris when compared to the first Lollapalooza in 1991, having 7 artists.